Break Into Development

Break Into Development is a premium online course and proven path to apply to the right jobs for you, identify your own unique NICHE, and win the development job that will take you to the next level in your impact career.

Based on over 17 years of experience, research, and testing, this course offers strategic and psychological approaches that fly in the face of the conventional wisdom that has proven useless to get top development jobs.

It gives you a full end-to-end system to get your first or next job in global development.

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Impact CV Bootcamp

Impact CV Bootcamp is our bite-sized training to show you the strategies to a world-class, professional CV that hiring managers immediately get excited about.

It gives you clear tools to apply to your CV, 10 proven CV templates to get you started, and case studies to see exactly how to make use of these to build your own job-getting CV tailored specifically to the international sector.

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Impact CV Editing, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile

Don’t undervalue your job applications & social media as critical tools to land the interview.

We provide hands-on, done-for-you edits in professional, development-organization approved templates. We do the work for you!

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Interview Coaching

Invited to the interview on a tight timeline? Feeling out of practice or unsure what to expect next?

Want a proven script and well-practiced stories to tell—no matter what they ask?

To get that special edge in the interview, use our Interview Coaching service to get fully prepared and ready to show you’re just one of the team, ready to get started on the job.

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