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In global development, a persuasive CV is a critical part of getting a dream impact job.

If you’ve completed your postgraduate degrees, built your experience in the sector, and tick off each of the minimum qualifications for your dream position in development, but are still looking for that special edge….

Then our Impact Growth Lab CV Editing service is for you.

The bottom line is…

Until you get called for the interview, your CV represents you.

It showcases your skills and results. It is your voice until you can speak for yourself.

And it needs to speak directly to that single, specific job you’re ready to do.

But because of tough competition, shifting funding priorities, and oftentimes just plain bad advice, getting your next international development job is more challenging than ever.

Tell your story

After years applying and getting into to the most competitive jobs, researching best practices, and working as a professional CV writer with development professionals around the world, I’ve developed a range of techniques that consistently help colleagues get to the next level in their impact careers.

The key is using your job application to show you as the Hero of your impact career.

I help you take a step back and look at the arc of your professional, education and volunteer experiences.

Beginning with defining your unique value add, I work with you to achieve one goal: to persuade hiring managers to put your CV on the interview short-list.

Yes, as a development professional you must understand how the project cycle works. How to influence policy. And develop specialized expertise.

But if you can’t communicate these powerful elements in your experience for your next job, your impact and influence will only go so far.

I help you with concrete, proven techniques to uncover your story, convey it to hiring managers, and get you invited to your dream impact job interview.

Our Editing Services

With our help, your CV will:

  • Be world-class with an underlying structure useful for the rest of your career.
  • Highlight your strengths and make visible traits that development professionals seek.
  • Include key words and phrases that will spotlight your CV and create the curiosity that gets you an interview.
  • Turn common work, academic courses, and extracurricular experiences into project-based, results-oriented accomplishments that define you as a development professional.
  • Be easily tailored to new opportunities as you continue to build your impact career.

Get direct, hands-on support from someone who has spent years applying to and getting top jobs in the sector (I was an acting D-1 at 33 years old). Years on the inside as a hiring manager and sitting on 100s of recruitment panels. Then taken all these lessons learned to share it as a CV Writer for the largest CV service provider in the sector.

Choose One of Our Comprehensive Editing & Coaching Packages

Impact Job Hunt
Get a powerful, persuasive CV to jumpstart your impact search
Two rounds of line-by-line, direct edits on your CV
Power Half-Hour CV review
Personalized Cover Letter
Interview coaching: two 1-hour sessions
LinkedIn Profile & 1-Page Synopsis CV (for networking)
Overall years of experience
Land the Job Package
Top package providing support through the interview
Two rounds of line-by-line, direct edits on your CV
Power Half-Hour CV review
Personalized Cover Letter
Interview coaching: two 1-hour sessions
LinkedIn Profile & 1-Page Synopsis CV (for networking)
Overall years of experience

Or Go A La Carte

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360° CV Diagnostic, $29

Get a line-by-line detailed review of your CV, evaluating what works, your biggest areas for improvement – and exact recommendations on how to strengthen your job applications. Delivered via a pre-recorded video reviewing your materials.

Professional Cover Letter, $49

No job application is complete without a high-quality, professional Cover Letter connecting your story for that great new position in your sights. Make it count.

Interview Preparation only

Both introduction and specialized one-on-one coaching tailored to get you past the interview panel.

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What our Editing services clients say…

From a CV Diagnostic session



From a WASH sector professional in West Africa…



“Impact Growth Lab is meticulous in the process of transforming one’s CV to highlight their potential for the International Development job market.”

– Sam, Ghana, recent grad and school teacher

“I would really like to thank you for giving me the morale for continuing the job search as now I know I have a powerful tool I can use. You have restored my hope in a way I wish you could comprehend and I can’t thank you enough.”

-Salome, from Kenya, had almost given up on her transition as an accountant at a private security firm, but received renewed hope for a global development job through Impact Growth Lab:

“During the weeks working with Impact Lab, there were opportunities to discuss at length about my abilities and how I wanted to be perceived. It helped me take a deeper look into how to market myself and my skills and how to respond better to TORs. Chris was really patient and very generous with his insights about the development aid area.”

Maysa, from Cape Verde and recently moved to Mozambique, was looking to transition from working in the private sector in the United States into an international NGO.