About IGL

Hi, I’m Chris Kuonqui…

I’ve spent the last 20+ years working in 30 countries for 6 United Nations agencies, funds and programs, 2 multilateral banks, and an international NGO, on issues ranging from providing analysis to the UN Security Council to interviewing women in the Ethiopian manufacturing sector.

But before I could build my experience, I had a tough time getting my first, and then my next, development sector job, just like you:

  • I was passionate and excited to apply my education and skills to help solve social, economic and political challenges.
  • But had no clue how to get my foot in the door into top global development organizations.
  • And I needed serious guidance on how the sector works and what opportunities were really out there.

After tough times and nearly exiting the sector for a banking job, I built a system based on dozens of my own applications, reviewing thousands of CVs and interviewing scores of people on the inside as a hiring manager, and collecting the best advice from hundreds of colleagues around the world working in the leading development, NGO and government units.

Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of hours following job trends, funding patterns, and staying on top of the latest research on global development, organizational design and development data.

I’ve used what I learned to build an on-going career that took me to a director role at the UN by the age of 33, and to work on social problems across 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Now, I want to share this system with you to shortcut your process to transition into your dream development assignment, where you can finally use your hard-earned skills and your passion to make a difference and do work that fulfills your mission in the world.

My clients have gotten job interviews at organizations that previously didn’t respond to them. And they’ve received long-awaited promotions to reach the next level in their impact.

If your development job application experience has:

  • left you unsure of your own skills and education,
  • stalking that dream job that you can’t seem to get any closer to,
  • and lost on how to communicate your full value to get the job offer…

…then you’re in the right place. Catch up on our articles, free resources and ask me questions and I’ll get you my reaction right away.

We are here to help you get to the bottom of your key barriers and outline a plan to move you forward, wherever you might be in your impact career path.

Look forward to connecting with you!