Interview strategies

3 Essential Interview Strategies in 4-mins

Getting called for an interview is exciting.

Finally, your hard work pays off—and you get the chance to take your shot.

But there are a million questions…

What is a competency-based interview?

How do you record yourself? (UNDP is asking candidates to record themselves answering questions now to pre-screen reaching the interview panel stage. Are you ready?)

What do you research because they only gave you 2 days to prepare?!

Don’t get lost or waste time.

Watch this video where I breakdown the 3 key strategies to prepare for your time in the spotlight with that dream international organization interview.

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Interview strategies

4 Proven International Development Job Interview Techniques

I got a call one day while at a part-time job from my mother. A woman from the United Nations had left a message.

“The United Nations?” I asked, stunned. I was looking for work but hadn’t considered applying to the UN.

“She said she wanted to interview you.”

My mouth dropped wide open.

I eventually pulled myself together and spoke with this UN lady.

She had gotten a hold of my CV from someone and thought to check if I were interested in coming in for an interview for a job at UNDP.

After more mouth-gaping, and JUMPING at the chance to secure the UN interview — I started preparing.

I read everything relevant to the potential team. I gathered interview advice from anyone who had gotten a job – ever. I primped my suit and tie.

On my last interview, I had been 40 minutes late. No surprise I didn’t get the offer. But no sir, not for the United Nations interview. I was early enough to overhear them interviewing other candidates.

After a technical exam, a written test and in-person interview – and some days biting my nails waiting to hear the results – I got a beautiful email: I was offered the job.

What did I do to make an impact? Four main strategies have proven useful to me in every job interview in the last 15 years since that first one.