Don’t know someone? That’s not why you were rejected.

There is a HUGE problem when it comes to development sector work nobody talks about.

It’s well-meaning.

It comes disguised as good intentions.

And the people involved are smart and experienced.

But this problem blocks entire careers from reaching their full potential.

So what is it?


Where Do You Find International Development Jobs Anyway?

It seems like there are a gazillion websites, Facebook groups, or email lists offering you one thing:

Direct access to job listings.

With so much out there, where should you focus your attention?

Today, I use just a few websites depending on what I’m interested in—or where I want to work.

These are:


In this video, I break down how each of these work—and how you can stop wasting time checking dozens of organization job portals everyday!

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What are your go-to job and work opportunity websites?

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UN, NGO and global development funding and jobs trends you should know

There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.

We often “feel” like certain trends happen to us.

But when we look at the hard data – do they actually play out?

Let’s find out.


Ultimate Guide to United Nations Internships


The UN internship. That coveted breakthrough. International job exposure at last. The passageway to work (finally, paid) after school. And to a never-ending carousel of success in life.

There may be no other internship experience in the world on which so much hangs.

But is it all these things?


The Real Reasons Your Job Applications Are Failing (And What You Can Do to Change That)

Ok, so you’ve signed up to job alerts that pop up in your email everyday.

You’ve gone ahead and created a LinkedIn account, maybe a profile on Devex or some other job sites, and made sure everyone in your personal network knows you’re ready to be hired. You’ve checked and double checked your profile has strong keywords (you’re detail-oriented and passionate about human rights!), and your photo is professional.

You’ve signed up to LinkedIn groups, read more than a lifetime’s worth of articles on job-hunting and resume writing, and joined that Facebook group where nobody seems to find an international development job. You’ve even made your Facebook profile private, carefully curated your social media presence, and done all of the things you know you’re supposed to do when you’re looking for a career in global development.

Then one day, you find that job that gives you butterflies in your stomach. You think it’s the most exciting job description you’ve ever read, and it’s going to change your life, your family, and give you a chance to make a difference.

How Organizations Think

How development professionals hire

Funding cycles occur throughout the year, and depending on the organization, hiring is tied to resource availability. Hiring may surge at specific times because of new funding or the need to spend existing moneys, or otherwise be scant as resources are committed.  What stays the same is hiring managers are often overworked, too busy or juggling too many priorities to make time for hiring.  So what happens then?

Let’s dig in.