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Who Am I and What Do I Know About Getting a Job In Development?

Founder, Impact Courses for Changemakers  

Hi, there, I'm Chris Kuonqui.  

I've led a 17+ year career in global development that has taken me to work in 26 countries with 4 UN agencies, 2 multilateral banks & an international NGO including work to interview women in the Ethiopian manufacturing to analysis informing the UN Security Council.  

After years learning to apply to development sector jobs & sitting at the hiring table on the inside, I launched Impact Growth Lab to help the world's best minds learn the skills to break into development - and do world changing work once in.

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Dozens of clients are glad they chose Impact Growth Lab.

"I would really like to thank you for giving me the morale for continuing the job search as now I know I have a powerful tool I can use. You have restored my hope in a way I wish you could comprehend and I can’t thank you enough."

-Salome, Kenya

"By following your guide, the free CV review session, and Impact Growth Lab's emails, I was able to secure an interview with UNOPS Brussels Office."

-Derrick, Ghana